Hans, Mic the Producer and Erc started Hat Trix in September of 2000 and never looked back. Their first album, “Tricks of the Trade” was the first of its kind and quickly became popular among local hip-hop fans. In the studio, the group is extremely versatile and offers a unique array of talents. 

Hans is best known as a rapper, audio engineer and producer. As of late, he is most notable for his singing and freestyle abilities both in the studio and out in public. All of HT’s musical arrangements, audio mix-downs and album masters are completed by Hans. He is also the group’s internal artist, designing most of the group’s album covers, CD artwork and social media.

Erc, also known as “E”, is a rapper and producer and makes many of the group’s drumbeats, breakbeats and percussion tracks. He is group’s official talent scout, often finding new artists to collaborate and create with. Most recently, Erc has delved into the realm of audio mixes and acoustic engineering and is also the group’s Booking Agent. 

Mic (or Mike) the Producer is the group’s original musical prodigy. Most of the group’s most ornate instrumentals are often produced and created by Mic. He is extremely talented on a piano or keyboard and has the ability to quickly learn new musical instruments in a short time. Mic is also a singer and rapper and often makes brief appearances on Hans’ solo projects as both a producer and vocalist.


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